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Anchor Training, 1233 20th St., NW, Washington, DC

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Includes hands-on training using a real newscast in a professional studio with two cameras, electronic TelePrompTer, and fully staffed control room; Beta and DVD of all your performances; makeup; all instructional materials; continental breakfast; and lunch. 

Skills Developed:

  • Reading from a TelePrompTer
  • Tossing to live shots
  • Introducing news packages
  • Performing camera turns
  • Reading to voice over and SOT
  • Learning makeup and proper dress
  • Learning proper use of your voice
  • Understanding the meaning and importance of your copy

Fee: $750

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Questions? Contact Herb Brubaker at 301-340-6160, or

Other Trainers: CBS News correspondent and anchor Sharyl Attkisson, NBC4 Washington, DC anchor Joe Krebs, former WUSA-TV Washington, DC anchor Mike Walter, CBS correspondent and anchor Thalia Assuras, former NBC News correspondent and anchor Bob Kur, Fox News Channel correspondent and anchor Brian Wilson, CBS News correspondent and former CNN anchor Joie Chen, former Los Angeles anchor Mary Major, former Newschannel 8 Washington, DC anchor Nathan Roberts

Note: The training may be deductible.  Consult your tax adviser.


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