Back to School for TV Journalists

As the TV news business continues to grow, so does demand for better journalists. Stations are meeting that demand by sending their staff to educational seminars and workshops, and by investing in more on-site training.

“People are beginning to awaken to the fact that there is more competition, and that the best way to compete is by doing a better job,” says Herb Brubaker, president of the Television News Center, Rockville, Md.

TNC trains journalists, technicians and directors in their own newsrooms and out in the field. “All of us need training,” Brubaker says. “You can’t rely on smoke and mirrors…what’s needed is more solid reporting.”

Brubaker, who was a producer, writer and assignment manager at NBC News, visits a station and develops a specific training program: “We go into the control room and edit with them. We go out in the field to do stories with them. We sit down with their news directors and general managers.” TNC also sponsors two-day seminars at the University of Maryland on anchoring, writing and reporting.